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Energy efficient motor control market will usher in explosive growth Time:2021-06-28 10:48:30   |   Browse:490

The “3rd Energy Efficient Motor Control Technology Solution Symposium” co-sponsored by China Semiconductor Industry Association Embedded Systems Working Committee and Electronic Products World Magazine was held in Shanghai.

IMS Research's Zhou Wanmu, Weixin Technology Company Wu Yien, Spansion Company Zhong Chengbao, Freescale Company Chen Gang, Zhejiang University Chen Yangsheng and Shanghai University Yi Yi, a total of six speakers, from the high-efficiency motor control market, practical application programs, control technology theory three In one direction, they delivered wonderful technical speeches and lively interactions to nearly 200 audiences.

In a speech entitled "China's Energy-efficient Motor Industry Chain Perspective and Market Hotspot Analysis", Zhou Wanmu pointed out that China is advancing the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries. Under such a background, the traditional motor and motor control industry It is also changing.

In order to improve the energy efficiency rating, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the motor energy efficiency improvement plan (2013-2015) in June 2013. By 2015, the motor product upgraded, 50% low-voltage three-phase cage asynchronous motor products, 40% high-voltage motor The products have reached the standard of high-efficiency motor energy efficiency; cumulatively promoted high-efficiency motors of 170 million kilowatts, eliminated 160 million kilowatts of low-efficiency motors, implemented 100 million kilowatts of energy-saving technology for motor systems, and implemented 20 million kilowatts of high-efficiency remanufactured motors.

The integration trend of motor control makes customers have higher and higher requirements for motor control MCU, FPGA and DSP performance, and requires semiconductor chip manufacturers to provide integrated solutions to integrate more functions in a single chip, I/ O, drive, control algorithms, and industrial Ethernet modules.

Wu Xinen, a micro-core technology company, pointed out in the "Double-Motor Control for Energy-Efficient and Energy-Saving Appliances Applications" that the cooperation of brushless permanent magnet motors in household appliances has been growing steadily over the past few decades. These brushless motors have always been dominated by trapezoidal waves. Now, as the cost of Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) decreases, performance continues to increase, making it possible to use more advanced control algorithms such as Field Oriented Control (FOC), which can greatly improve performance and support smoother Running. At the same time, it demonstrates how SPANSION can take advantage of DSC to apply advanced control algorithms in home appliances with two motors, such as washing machines and dryers. By using a single DSC, system architecture can be simplified and system costs can be reduced. The energy efficiency of the two motors can be increased at the same time.

Next, Spansion's Zhong Chengbao and Freescale's Chen Gang shared the latest motor control solutions from the two companies and presented their insights into current trends in motor control technology.

The last two speeches of the forum were from Prof. Chen Yangsheng from Zhejiang University and Prof. Yi Yi from Shanghai. They respectively described the control scheme under the condition of weak magnetic field of permanent magnet motor and the evolution and development of frequency conversion technology from the theoretical height. The topic is very good for the field first-line application engineers to make up for the theoretical knowledge of the "deep" control technology.

Finally, Electronic Products World Magazine announced that the “4th Symposium on Energy-efficient Motor Control Technology Thematic Solutions” will be held in Shenzhen in April 2014, and will once again provide more exciting content for electronic control engineers.


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