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Corporate Culture

Core idea: hard work, hard work, enterprising, dedication

The spirit of the bulls: harmony, hard work, striving for first-class

Corporate philosophy: adapt to the weather, use the land, build people and

Business philosophy: Hewei and Zhaoxing

Competitive strategy: no one has me, people have me, people are good, I am cheap, people are cheap

Quality policy: striving for first-class, honing recognized famous products; keeping improving and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Environmental policy: obey the law and abide by the law, improve environmental awareness; preventively, achieve standard discharge; strict management, implement energy conservation and consumption reduction; continuous improvement, strive for environmental improvement, start from me, start now, use our hands and true feelings, Create a better future for mankind.

Company mission: to create high-quality and efficient environmentally friendly products for the benefit of society

The company's vision: "Meng Niu" motor has become a world brand and has become the pillar industry of Hengshui's economic development. The company has become the most innovative enterprise in China and has become the home of employees to achieve their own self.

Core values: benevolence and integrity, harmony, forge ahead, pioneering and innovative



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