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How to detect and control the motor bearing temperature? Time:2021-06-28 11:41:22   |   Browse:679

Motor bearing temperature is a very important performance parameter, and different operating conditions have certain differences in bearing temperature requirements. There are many factors affecting the bearing temperature. In addition to the factors of the bearing system itself, it is directly related to the operating environment of the motor and the temperature rise of the winding.

If the bearing temperature exceeds a certain level, the degradation of the grease may occur, resulting in poor lubrication of the bearing until the result of burning, so the temperature change of the bearing should be closely monitored.

The bearing temperature can be measured by a thermometer method or a buried thermometer method. When measuring, ensure good heat transfer between the thermometer and the part to be tested. For example, all air gaps should be filled with heat-conductive paint. The measurement position should be as close as possible to the measurement points specified in the table. There is a temperature difference between the measuring points and the hottest point of the bearing, the value of which is related to the bearing size.

For sleeve bearings with pressed bushings and ball or roller bearings with an inner diameter of less than 150 mm, the temperature difference between the specified measuring points is negligible, but for larger bearings, the specified temperature difference between the measuring points is compared Big.

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