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The service field of intelligent motors is also very extensive. Time:2021-06-28 14:28:27   |   Browse:861

Nowadays, the development and promotion of intelligent motors has greatly promoted the development of the electrical industry. The use of intelligent motors has reached the international advanced level, and such industries can drive the continuous development of related industries across the country and bring the automation industry to the forefront. A new height has formed a new development trend.

The vertical integration of electric motors, feedback, control, drive and communication has become a development direction of current low-power servo systems. Sometimes we call this kind of motor with integrated drive and communication called intelligent motor. Sometimes we call the integrated motion control and communication drive intelligent servo drive.

The integration of motor, drive and control allows the three to be more closely integrated from design to manufacturing to operation and maintenance. Yamashita Electric, which supplies intelligent stepper servo motors, believes that this approach may face greater technical challenges (such as reliability) and the challenges of engineers' habits, so it is difficult to become mainstream and is a small in the entire servo market. A distinctive part.

The universal driver is equipped with a large number of parameters and rich menu functions, which is convenient for the user to set V/F control, speed sensorless open-loop vector control, closed-loop flux vector control, permanent magnet without changing the hardware configuration. Five working modes, such as brushless AC servo motor control and regenerative unit, are suitable for various occasions and can drive different types of motors, such as asynchronous motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, brushless DC motors, stepper motors, and can also adapt to different The sensor type does not even have a position sensor.

Higher precision encoders (million pulses per revolution), higher sampling accuracy and data bits, faster DSP, high-performance rotary motors without cogging, linear motors, stepper motor drives and applications Various modern control strategies, such as adaptive and artificial intelligence, constantly improve the indicators of the servo system.

The service field of intelligent motors is also very extensive, and it is also one of the important equipments in the electromechanical industry. In the use of CNC machine tools, intelligent motors can also develop better and expand their share of the market to promote the electrical industry. The vigorous development has formed a fixed pattern for the development of the stranded motor, and the future electric world is still controlled by the intelligent motor.

At present, the international advanced motor system has integrated functions such as diagnosis, protection, control and communication, which can realize self-diagnosis, self-protection, self-speed regulation and remote control of the motor system. With the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry in the direction of high, precise and sharp, and the integration of industrialization and informationization, the intelligent development of motor systems has become a necessary trend.



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